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Our specialization


The Beam Saw offers a heavy duty build, excellent workmanship and top quality components. The easy use of design ensures excellent performance and precision when sizing various sized panels. The proven driving system allows accurate high speed processing. This software enhances versatility, resulting in greater optimization, meaning better quality and no chipping.


Our edge banding machinery is fitted with the latest technology, that has a pre-milling and corner round programming which gives our edging a great smooth finishing that last for long. We are capable of applying ABS edging 0.4mm to 3mm, PVC edging 0.4mm to 2mm, Solid wood edging and acrylic high gloss edging.


Our delivery process is based on a comprehensive set of tried and tested procedures we have created and continuously developed to protect and maintain the quality, integrity, availability and timeliness, Once we are in safe possession of your goods you can rest assured that we will do everything to enable your delivery arrives on time, in full.

Wrap Doors Manufacturing

MDF is a very versatile material and any designer’s dream. A multitude of patterns and designs can be applied to it through our CNC routing process. These doors are made by coating the substrate with high performance adhesive, applying the vinyl and then applying pressure to the door. After this process, the vinyl is drawn to the shape of the substrate by suction to simulate solid wood, or any other solid colour finish. Vinyls are available in a great range of colours and finishes, and are fairly robust. Hang your doors the day you get them. No finishing is required.

Post-Form Tops Manufacturing

Todays Innovative Technology in laminate manufacturing and design will amaze you with new textures and color patterns. Combine these elements with the versatility of a custom post-form shop and you will create a beautiful countertop that is durable and affordable. When combined with our superior customer service, your project will be something to be proud of.